Reduced heating budget
Efficiency > 80%
Household tax credit
Installation in half a day

optimal combustion, high efficiency, wood savings Eléonore 12 model


Optimum combustion
Particularly suitable for low energy consumption houses
Constituted 70% of raw earth
Eco-design of terrabrik®
Ecological finishing products

Comfort & well-being

Quickly comes to temperature
Gentle and regular radiating diffusion of heat
Healthy air, no drying of the atmosphere
Easy to use and maintain (self-cleaning glass)
Reduction of storage space required, and less time collecting and chopping wood

Health & safety

Even when very hot, terrabrik® does not burn
Radiant heating causes little charring and movement of dust
Natural purification of walls and partitions
All-natural materials used for covering


Wide range of colours based on natural pigments
Stone entablatures
Cadres de finition acier noir
Ideal visibility of the fire
Artisanal production


Quick and easy to fit
Wide range covering a large choice of surfaces and types of home
Modular depending on changing requirements
terrabrik®, with their lego-like shape, fit together mechanically and without effort

terrabrik® : raw earth lego bricks