Why raw earth ?

The choice to use raw earth is not a random one. This dignified and authentic material is one of the most effective in terms of heat accumulation and diffusion.

Raw earth mixed with water, sand and natural stabilisers are the ingredients required to manufacture terrabrik®.
terrabrik® are ecological and natural, with an innovative lego form. After vacuum extrusion and compression, terrabrik® leave the production line in their final form. Once dried, terrabrik® can be used directly to manufacture terramonté® stoves. This process gives terrabrik® their thermal characteristics. terrabrik® absorb and store heat and then radiate it gradually into the living environment.

the excellent heat-accumulating properties of raw earth and its ability to gently radiant heat


terramonté® stoves are made up of a surround of terrabrik® and entablatures of Sprimont blue stone built around a glassed-in fireplace. A metal frame completes the finish. They are called “mixed” stoves as they optimally combine convection and radiation.

an efficient firebox, optimized for heat-accumulation

Operating principle

The operation of a terramonté® heat-accumulating stove relies on 3 main principles.

1 When lit, the terramonté® stove initially emits gentle radiated heat through the glass of the fireplace.
2 Convection begins, thanks to an opening in the base of the fireplace, allowing fresh air to enter through the bottom of the stove. This air is heated as it passes around the fireplace insert, to produce heat when it exits. This system quickly heats the living environment.
3 The terrabrik® come to temperature and store heat in order to release it gradually once the blaze has finished. Radiated heat gets to work.

soft radiated heat, through the firebox glass, rapid warming by convection, progressive diffusion of heat

This operation, based on a roaring fire at the start of the cycle, allows optimum use of the fireplace insert:

The efficient wood combustion is a guarantee of a good heat accumulating process

Warmth, comfort & well-being

The heat accumulation and restitution process maintains a constant temperature

1 – natural regulation of the interior temperature
terramonté stoves store and gradually release heat. This avoids alternating between overheating and cooling of your living environment.

self-regulation of heat diffusion by radiation

2 - a gentle and regular temperature
terrabrik naturally regulate the diffusion of heat. They maintain a comfortable temperature, whatever the temperature variations outside the home or on the surface of the stove.

the comfort of radiant heat

3 – optimum temperature distribution
The heat radiated by terramonté stoves has the same benefits as the heat from the sun. It is diffused uniformly and produces a feeling of well-being that is beyond compare.

In addition to its thermal qualities, this type of heating produces a gentle heat that does not dry the air. It helps maintain healthy air in your home.