A raw earth "légo"  brik with strong  heat absorption and radiation capabilities

The choice to use raw earth is not a random one. This dignified and authentic material is one of the most effective in terms of heat accumulation and diffusion.

Raw earth mixed with water, sand and natural stabilisers are the ingredients required to manufacture terrabrik®. 
terrabrik® are ecological and natural, with an innovative lego form. After vacuum extrusion and compression, terrabrik® leave the production line in their final form. Once dried, terrabrik® can be used directly to manufacture terramonté® stoves. This process gives terrabrik® their thermal characteristics. terrabrik® absorb and store heat and then radiate it gradually into the living environment.

Anatomy of a terramonté® heat-accumulating stove

To provide you the responsiveness of traditional stove and autonomy of pure heat-accumulationg stove

Operating principle

Warm your home quickly and then keep it at the comfort temperature for hours

Diffusion of heat: convection or radiation?

Particularly suitable for well insulated homes, the diffusion of heat by radiation eliminates the problems of comfort and health posed by convection heating