Warm your home quickly and then keep it at the comfort temperature for hours

The operation of a terramonté® heat-accumulating stove relies on 3 main principles.

1 When lit, the terramonté® stove initially emits gentle radiated heat through the glass of the fireplace. 

2 Convection begins, thanks to an opening in the base of the fireplace, allowing fresh air to enter through the bottom of the stove. This air is heated as it passes around the fireplace insert, to produce heat when it exits. This system quickly heats the living environment.

3 The terrabrik® come to temperature and store heat in order to release it gradually once the blaze has finished. Radiated heat gets to work.

This operation, based on a roaring fire at the start of the cycle, allows optimum use of the fireplace insert: maximum efficiency and minimum pollution.

The terrabrik®

A raw earth "légo"  brik with strong  heat absorption and radiation capabilities

Anatomy of a terramonté® heat-accumulating stove

To provide you the responsiveness of traditional stove and autonomy of pure heat-accumulationg stove

Diffusion of heat: convection or radiation?

Particularly suitable for well insulated homes, the diffusion of heat by radiation eliminates the problems of comfort and health posed by convection heating